Nili Lior | Jewelery &Design | קורות חיים  

Nilli Lior, goldsmith and multidisciplinary artist crafting in the fields of gold, objects, glass and light fittings.

Graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem and the Middlesex Polytechnic, London.

Teaches gold crafting and has lovingly been creating in her studio in Ramat Gan for many years.

Born in Jerusalem in 1965.



1987-1991 B.A. in design and gold-crafting, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem. Her finishing project combined gold crafting and glass, under the instruction of Gary Goldstein, Alex Word and Louis Sokolovski.

1989-1990 Participation in a student-exchange programme in the Middlesex Polytechnic, London. Involved in a research project on metal combinations, textures and sealing (הטבעות ) through the department for gold crafting & tool design.

Professional Experience

1998-1991 Establishment of a private studio and school for gold-crafting, Jerusalem.
In this studio, Nilli designed jewellery, Judaica and tools from several metals. Her works were presented in a number of galleries in Israel and the USA.

1991-1997 Supervised by and jointly working with Louis Sokolovski (a glass artist and teacher at Bezalel), combining glass and gold crafting in their work which was presented in Israel and abroad.

1991 Establishment of a school for gold crafting in Jerusalem and Ramat Gan, specializing in jewellery, Judaica, charms, light fittings, handles, glass and metal objects.


 1998-1991 Specialisation in gold crafting techniques under the instruction of Baruch Hadaya in the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem.
1997 Seminar on Roman glass.
Participated in a steering committee for the establishment of a school for gold crafting in the "Silver Village".
Participated in a Judaica exhibition at the International Convention Centre, Jerusalem.
2000 "Bread & Wine" the mobile millennium exhibition of the Israeli Foreign Office.

Famous Purchasers

Madeleine Albright American Secretary of State – Pin
Queen of Spain – Earrings and a pendant
President Ezer Weitzman – Design of the shield for the engineering corps
The couple from the television programme "Hamerotz Ladira" - Wedding rings 



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