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Nilli Lior – Lady of the Rings

A unique and experiential workshop to make wedding rings. Couples create their own personal wedding rings in Nilli's studio and leave their mark on the rings, symbolizing the unification of the couple. A joint, moving, once in a lifetime challenging experience that will be remembered for many years to come. 

The couples design for each other or each one for him/herself unique wedding rings that will not be found anywhere else. On designing the rings, the couple learns various gold crafting techniques: sawing, welding, flattening, polishing etc. Individual progress is monitored by Nilli for the entire process.
At the end of the workshop, the couples receive their finished rings, a very personal seal, documenting their love.

The workshop includes two meetings:

Session one – Designing the ring: type of gold, colour, texture, threads, examples and more design decisions based on the personal taste of the couples.

Session 2 – Implementation!

It is possible to film the design process, instruction and implementation in order to integrate the experience as part of the wedding film.

The workshop can be a fantastic gift for the young couple from their loving parents or siblings or anyone else wanting to give them this unique gift.

*There is no need for prior knowledge in gold crafting.


The workshop is also appropriate for couples celebrating 10, 25 and 50 year's anniversaries, who can create together rings or ay other unique piece of jewellery.

As a present for any other ocassion.






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